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Every Boy FeelsEdit

They may say that someone like me is cold inside, that don't have feelings. All these people will always be wrong about it. The boys also feel, cry and love.

Lately I've been in love with the cutest, adorable and playful person in the world. That person never correspond me, it isn't. Never for never would notice me. Nobody never ever make me feel like I feel now, it is so perfect, makes me smile, the only exception. I do not want to spend my life with someone else, and fortunately is what I am currently doing.

My world can be the most rare, if any.

Episode 1Edit

We were Niall and I studying for a test of... rays, not even know that study.

"Ultimately somebody has attracted me in particular." I have no idea because I said that.

"Oh! That's so so so pretty cool. Will you let me know who... or at least it is?" Niall makes such a lovely smile that can not even deny that.

"He has beautiful green eyes, I always lose them. Her brown hair so silky and smooth. And your beautiful smile that always makes me angry that this still good." can't help but smile and feel it, how do you say?... butterflies in the stomach.

"Oh by all pickles! You're in love with me... twin!" For a moment I thought that Niall would say I liked Sonny, but she has brown eyes; then I thought I would say that I liked, and the answer is very clear that... what was about to say? "Wait... I don't a twin!"

"Weird, huh?". By little and made me head. Niall can be childish, more is clever.

"Will you tell me who that is?" Flashes several times and smile.

"If I could, I would tell you."

Episode 2Edit

I know everything about Niall and he knows everything about me. If something happens to me, he's the first to know, equal to the me. Our confidence never end our friendship either.

I met him in the first year of preschool. I was just eating a sandwich of tuna or chicken or ham or whatever. My sandwich fell to the ground and was without food, then a boy running towards me with a lunch box arrived.

"You want some of me?" He said opening his lunchbox giving me a sandwich which I accepted. "What's your name?".

"Josh" Not if I understood what I said about having a mouthful of sandwich.

"Nice name. Will you be my friend?".

"I can't be, if I don't know your name".


"Well Niall, now we will be very good friends" He just gave me a big hug and smiled.

Finally I had a friend, a great friend, a potential best friend. My only friend...

Episode 3Edit